Pre-Employment Physical

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Pre-Employment Physical

The Pre-employment exams/physicals are a very common test that employers request, not only for industries with high incident of work related accidents but as well for regular low risk jobs. The pre-employment physicals not only benefit the employer, that will be able to protect themselves against liability claims, but the employee will have your share of the benefits of the test, confirming that you are in good health to do what you’ve been hired to do.
What does the pre-employment physical cover?

As the name suggests, first you will go through a physical exam (vital signs will be checked). Then a basic hearing and vision test to confirm you can see properly and that you’re not color blind, which can be mandatory depending on the work you’re applying for.

In some cases you may need to go through a respiratory evaluation to check your lung capacity, mostly asked for jobs where you need to wear masks or in breathing restricted areas. During the respiratory test the doctor conducting your exam will also monitor your heart beat, and in case of any suspect of heart diseases is found, they may suggest a stress test to give a better look on any problems you may have related to your heart.

At Access Health Systems we offer Pre-Employment physicals with trained professionals that will monitor you throughout the whole process. Giving you accurate results for whatever you may need them. Make an appointment online now or call us today at 518-782-2200.