Firefighter Program

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Firefighter Onsite Program

With over 15,000 firefighter clearances performed by our staff each year since 1989, we are the leader and most experienced provider in the field.

ACCESS HEALTH SYSTEMS has been providing workplace health and safety services since 1986.

  • In 1989, we pioneered a new line of services designed specifically for Fire Service personnel.
  • We initiated a program to screen firefighter onsite, at their department, to determinate if they are capable of meeting the demands of firefighting.
  • For Volunteer community based squads, we created a multi-level clearance certification to assist the department and their chief in determining who was safe to perform which duties.

Our program has expanded rapidly throughout New York and New Jersey, with expansion into other states over recent years. The services we provide meet the standards set by NFPA 1500, 1582, 1001 and OSHA Regulation 1910,134 and are tailored to meet the needs of individual departments.

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding the program, feel free to contact us at (800) 732-8004 or email us at

How it Works

1. Schedule: First you will schedule a time and date are with our scheduling team, information about paperwork, the appointments for the firefighters, the location, and all other details will be worked out.

2. Setting-up Stations at Your Location: On the scheduled day our team will review the layout of your facility and set up a number of processing stations, dependent upon the menu of services you have chosen to perform.

3. Timing and Organization: The set up and take down times are typically 15 minutes each, and your facility is left as it was upon arrival.

4. Review of information collected: All of the medical documentation collected is sent to be reviewed and if additional information is needed, our providers will contact the firefighter.

5. Receiving the Reports: Once the review process is complete, the reports are prepared for both the department and the firefighter and send out.


Firefighter Classification System

The Firefighter Classification System is a tool to be utilized by the department in determining health related capabilities for firefighting. It should be used in conjunction, by the department, with other factors such as experience, need, and observation in action to determine appropriate assignment of the individual during department activities. The status of a Firefighter may change in the interval between examinations which may affect fitness.

- Class A: Internal Structural Firefighter – No limitations on firefighting duties.

- Class B: External Firefighter – One or more safety or health issues identified. The use of a respirator is limited to emergency conditions only in which the air may contain toxins. It is recommended that the use of respirator be restricted to 30 minutes or less.

- Class C: Support Member – This classification is reserved for members who may work at the fire scene, but whose limitations in one or more categories would prevent them engaging in any activities directly related to fighting the fire. (ex Fire Police)

- Class D: Administrative/Social Member – Should not participate in any capacity at an active fire scene. They are limited to administrative and/or social activities.