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About Us

Access Health System is a company that provides the full range of services in Occupational Medicine Practice serving corporate, community, and government since 1986. With a combination of fixed sites and mobile services and an extensive network of resources, we serve the Northeast and beyond addressing the health and safety issues.

Access Health Services is unique in many ways.

  • It is not part of a national chain or hospital system.  It is owned and run by a Board Certified Occupational Medicine specialist
  • The range of services creates a problem solving risk management company rather than just a medical practice
  • The range of specialists who work in our divisions and affiliates can solve most any problem in Health, Safety, Human Resources, Medico-legal and Safety Consultation

Each one of Access Health System’s clients receive services tailored to their needs. Our dedicated staff consists of many different medical and safety professionals whose expertise and training cross over multiple fields. In addition our staff is well versed in both state and federal regulations to ensure your compliance.

Access Health System has earned the recognition of OSHA in its VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) as a STAR site meaning that we are able to partner with OSHA to promote the safest work practices. We have been a member in good standing with the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA). We received our first STAR designation in 2003 and have maintained our involvement and participation in promoting safety.

We have also worked with the New York State Department of Labor in their Code Rule 59 and Code Rule 60 programs as inspectors promoting the best in workplace safety and health.

Our Partners

Access Health Systems is part of a confederation of companies designed to assist corporate, educational and government clients to control risk in the work environment with a wide range of Occupational Medicine services distribute between all this companies, that make this Access Solution family complete.